unvented water heaters

Hand wash units. Storage and instantaneous water heaters. Large capacity water cylinders. Water boilers. Vented and unvented by Redring, Heatrae, Dimplex, Zip, Hyco. Water heaters for every use that requires Instantaneous water heating or Storage water heating. We can supply an appropriate water heater for every application.

Unvented water heaters store water at mains pressure, which enables high flow rates and normal taps, but pressure relief valves are usually needed and maybe other accessories. Vented water heaters are low pressure, gravity fed, with the storage tank open to the atmosphere. Water pressure will be lower, with more restrictions on siting units. The application may need special taps but generally makes for a simpler installation since excess pressure build up is not a concern.   


Huge range of Vented and Unvented Undersink and Oversink Water Heaters. Instantaneous water heating by Redring, Hyco and Zip. Hygienic touch free water heaters.

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