Redring Water Storage Heater - Unvented Undersink

      • Will deliver hot water to as many as four outlets
      • Balanced supply of hot and cold water
      • Heat loss minimisation and energy savings from short pipe runs and superior insulation
      • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer
      • Adjustable thermostat to 70 deg C. at 3KW rating
      • Over temperature safety cut-out
      • Temperature and pressure relief valve factory fitted to  MW models and available as accessory for EW range
      • Neon light indicates when heater is working
      • 10 Lites = 3 basins, 15 Litres = 4 basins
      • Compact shape for undersink mounting
      • Remote siting possible
      • The EW/MW range has been designed to provide stored hot water from a mains pressurised water supply.
      • The EW range has been designed without the need for the temperature and pressure relief device making installtion even simpler. 
      • Size: 360mm x 360mm x D254mm
Redring Water Storage Heater - Unvented