Hand wash units. Storage and instaneous water heaters. Large capacity water cylinders. Water boliers. Vented and unvented by Redring, Heatrae,Dimplex, Zip, Hyco.

Unvented water heaters store water at the incoming mains pressure, which is good in terms of offering high flow rates and permitting use of normal taps, but pressure relief valves are always needed and sometimes other accessories must be fitted as well.

Vented water heaters are low pressure, gravity fed devices, with the storage tank open to the atmosphere. This generally makes for simpler installation since excess pressure build up is not a concern, but there is a catch in that water pressure will be lower, there are more restrictions on siting and - depending on the product - it may not be possible to use normal taps. 

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MX Hand Wash 3kw White

  • Operates off cold mains water supply.

  • Heats water as it is used.

  • Simple to use single on/off and temperature control.

  • 3kW.

  • Compact design.

  • Complete with swivel arm.

  • Open outlet.

  • Thermal limiter set at 55°C +/- 3°C..

  • Minimum supply water pressure/1bar running.

  • Maximum supply water pressure 10bar static.

  • 3KW Hand Wash


    Instantaneous water heaters are low cost, simple to install and very energy efficient since they only consume energy when they are used. Ultrawash is an open outlet continuous flow water heater ideal for handwashing over basins. The temperature of the outlet water depends on the flow rate and the inlet water temperature. The supplied sprayhead spouts must always be used. The unit incorporates a pressure relief valve and requires just 0.25 bar to operate.


    •  white plastic outer case
    • safety thermal cut-out
    • sprayhead spout
    • integral inlet tap
    • 3kw element

    Heatrae Hand Wash Handy 3 and 7


    Heatrae Handy Hot Water Hand Wash Units are compact instantaneous hand wash units. Handy 3 is rated 3.1kW, suitable for connection to a convenient ring main while the Handy 7 is a 7.2kW unit for applications where more hot water is required. The Handy Hand Wash units now incorporate additional safety devices giving users further protection from scalding.


    • Single-turn rotary control dial
    • ‘Power On’ indicator
    • Durable 200mm stainless steel swivel spout
    • Consistent, splash free spray pattern
    • Flow stabilised for constant outlet temperature
    • Two levels of over temperature protection
    • Excessive pressure protection
    • 15mm female ‘Push Fit’ connection to water supply

    Redring Touch Free Hand Wash Unit


    Autosensor is a unique hand wash unit operated by a no-touch sensor activating the water supply aiding hygiene where cross-contamination must be avoided. Autosensor is the ideal product in locations from Hospitals to food preparation areas. The unit is fitted with a patented non-scaling vortex spray outlet which eliminates the need for costly maintenance. It even has an automatic shut off to eliminate water waste.

        • Touch free hygienic operation preventing cross contamination
        • Infra red sensor activates on and off for extra economy
        • Timed shut-off set at approximately 20 seconds
        • Vortex Spray head non scaling, maintenance free
        • Swivel 200mm stainless steel spray arm
        • Overheat user protection. Fully temperature stabilised
        • No standing heat loss
        • 3 year UK ONLY guarantee.

    Mains pressure instantaneous water heater


    Multipoint mains pressure instantaneous water heater ideal for undersink mounting or where space is at a premium.

        • Water supplied to one or two outlets
        • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer (especially suitable via spray tap)
        • Plumbs directly into cold water mains
        • Small compact shape
        • No standing heat losses
        • Fast response
        • Three heat settings
        • Dimensions H190mm x L305mm x D120mm

    Redring Instantaneous Compact Water Heater

    Larger picture

    Up to two outlets, either two wash basins or a shower and a washbasin. Powerstream. In shower applications use 42503. Recommended Cable Size: 10mm Twin and earth with 40 amp fuse. Dimensions: 160mm(h) x 307mm(w) x 74mm(d)

        • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer (especially suitable via spray tap). Unvented. 
        • Plumbs directly into cold water mains
        • No standing heat losses. Fast response
        • Flow rates 10.8kw 5litres/min(36/51C)  12kw  6litres/min(34/49C)
        • Two heat settings
        • Neon 'power on' indicator. Flow stabiliser/service valve
        • Double pole thermal cut-out protection
        • Inlet/outlet connection 3/8" N.P.T. adaptors supplied
        • Unique Redring water flow operated power switch

    Redring Powersteam Shower Mixer Kit

    For use with 42498.  PLEASE NOTE. UNIT NOW IS ALL CHROME

    Redring Powersteam Spray Tap

    For use with 42498. For hand wash applications, we recommend the use of of Redring approved 1/4 turn lever control ceramic disc operated spray which will enhance the delivery performance of dual outlet installations. This is an option for 42498 and is not mandatory.

    Handyflow Slimline 5 Litre Water Storage Heater - Vented Oversink


    The Handyflow is a simple to install traditional vented over sink water heater. With a neat design and supplied complete with tap and spout, the Handyflow offers an effective, practical solution whenever time and simplicity are the key priorities. The Handyflow incorporates a thermal cut-out that can be re-set rather than requiring to be replaced. The unit simply needs to be switched off and it will automatically re-set itself. This feature is particularly useful when the heater is likely to be drained frequently (e.g. when fitted in Portable Buildings).

    As with all units of this type, cold water entering from the inlet valve displaces the hot water stored in the tank. It is normal for the spout to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up. Over tightening the tap will not stop the dripping and may result in damage.

    Dimensions: H400mm x W270mm x D180mm. Time to heat to 75 degrees = 12 minutes

    ZIP Water Storage Heater - Vented Oversink


    The vented heater connects directly to the cold water supply and provides hot water to a single outlet. There is no need for an expansion vessel or relief valve. It has a frost protection setting to protect the heater when not in use and a manually resettable over-temperature safety cut-out. It has an externally adjustable temperature control and a neon light indicates when the heating element is “on”.
    Temperature control: adjustable from 35 -80ªC. 
    Thermostat: capillary type

    • Heating element: embedded rod type. Rating: 2.0 kW
    • Water tank: approved polypropylene tested to 300 kpa. Case: impact resistant plastic
    • Insulation: contoured polyurethane, CFC free. Safety feature: manually re-settable over-temperature safety cut-out

    Redring Water Storage Heater - Vented Oversink

    • 7 litre capacity, point of use
    • Adjustable thermostat 15°C - 75°C with frost protection setting
    • 300mm swivel spout included.
    • Extended outlets available (DX107)
    • Wall bracket and full fixing pack supplied
    • Integral safety over temperature thermal fuse
    • 3 year guarantee (UK)


    Can be mounted undersink using the special monoblock chrome-mixer accessory (DX108).  

    Redring Extended Swivel for 22293


    Extended swivel Spouts. 450mm or 600m

    Redring Monoblock Vented Chrome Mixer Unit for 22293


    Monoblock Vented Chrome Mixer 

    Water Storage Heater - Unvented Undersink


    • 2.0kW element for rapid heat up
    • external temperature control
    • neon element-on indicator
    • glass lined vessel with magnesium anode
    • manually re-settable thermal cut-out
    • wall mounting or floor standing option
    • pressure relief valve included
    • 10L suitable for 1 to 2 sinks, 15L suitable for 2 to 3 sinks depending on simultaneous usage
    • mains pressure (unvented) unit - maximum working pressure 6 bar
    • maximum working temperature 75 degrees centigrade

      The supplied pressure relief valve must be fitted in every case. Depending on the details of the installation, additional accessories may be needed to comply with the Water Regulations. If your nearest cold water draw off is close to the heater, you will need to fit a check valve and expansion vessel (SF3). If your mains water pressure is above 4.2 bar, you will need to fit a pressure reducing valve (SF4) 

      Redring Water Storage Heater - Unvented Undersink

          • Will deliver hot water to as many as four outlets
          • Balanced supply of hot and cold water
          • Heat loss minimisation and energy savings from short pipe runs and superior insulation
          • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer
          • Adjustable thermostat to 70 deg C. at 3KW rating
          • Over temperature safety cut-out
          • Temperature and pressure relief valve factory fitted to  MW models and available as accessory for EW range
          • Neon light indicates when heater is working
          • 10 Lites = 3 basins, 15 Litres = 4 basins
          • Compact shape for undersink mounting
          • Remote siting possible
          • The EW/MW range has been designed to provide stored hot water from a mains pressurised water supply.
          • The EW range has been designed without the need for the temperature and pressure relief device making installtion even simpler. 
          • Size: 360mm x 360mm x D254mm

      ZIP Aquapoint III Storage Heater - Unvented Undersink


      Aquapoint lll delivers hot water for multiple outlets. Used with conventional taps or mixers.  It has a glass lined steel storage tank tested to 13 bar and a sacrificial anode is fitted for protection against aggressive water conditions. Humidity protection to IP24, element ‘ON’ neon indicator, external temperature control with frost protection and visible temperature indicator.


      • Loading: 3kW/230v~.  Fuse Rating: 15A
      • Thermostat: Adjustable 25ºC to 75ºC.  Thermal cut-out: Manually re-settable set to 84+0/-5ºC
      • Water vessel: Glass enamelled steel tested to 13 bar. Maximum working pressure 6 bar
      • Insulation: High performance foam insulation
      • Controls: Pressure reducing valve and line strainer set to 3.5 bar.  Expansion relief and single check valve set to 6 bar
      • Pressure and temperature relief valve set to 7 bar and 90ºC.  External expansion vessel pre-charged to 3.5 bar
      • Expansion vessel capacity: 5 litre.  Complete with all the necessary accessories and factory fitted P&T valve.


      30ltr Dimensions 420 x 525 x 445 mm (H x W x D).

      50ltr Dimensions 690 x 500 x 512mm (H x W x D)

      80ltr Dimensions 950 x 500 x 512mm (H x W x D)

      100ltr Dimensions 1125 x 500 x 512mm (H x W x D)

      Large Capacity Unvented Water Heater Direct/Indirect


      The Hyco Everlast is a large capacity unvented water heater suitable for small flats and houses or much larger requirements such as hotels, sports centres or nursing homes. For circumstances where high draw offs are required it is possible to link Everlast units together to give combined capabilities.


      • Mains pressure for high flow rates
      • stainless steel cylinder for long life
      • WRAS approved to Building Regulations G3
      • all connections located at front of unit for easy access during installation
      • works at pressure as low as 0.5 bar
      • low maintenance unit
      • flexible siting - frees up loft space
      • available in a range of sizes from 90L to 300L (see datasheet)

      The Everlast tank is made from high quality Grade 316L stainless steel which is more resistant to corrosion than glass lined models, giving a longer life-span without requiring sacrificial anodes. 25yr manufactuers cylinder guarantee

      The Indirect model features a coil with a large surface area at the base of the unit, giving very fase recovery times on the full capacity of the unit. These fast recovery times combined with the foam insulation help to make the range energy efficient.

      Redring - Flatback Vented Storage Water Heaters.

      Two adjustable thermostats for precise control. Overheat protection. Ideal for replacement (overflow and cold feed can be connected on the left or right hand side). 50 to 80degC thermostatic control range. Constructed with copper sheet water vessel with brazed seams, corrosion proofed seal with enamel finish outer casing. 3kW Incaloy sheathed element.  
      CT25 Cistern Type 25 Water Heater
      Capacity: 25 Litres (hot) and 8 Litres (cold)
      Dimensions: 705mm(h) x 470mm(w) x 210mm(d) Weight: 20kg (53kg full)
      CT50 Cistern Type 50 Water Heater
      Capacity: 50 Litres (hot) and 24 Litres (cold)
      Dimensions: 750mm(h) x 600mm(w) x 320mm(d) Weight: 32kg (106kg full)
      CT75 Cistern Type 75 Water Heater
      Capacity: 75 Litres (hot) and 24 Litres (cold)
      Dimensions: 925mm(h) x 600mm(w) x 320mm(d) Weight: 37kg (136kg full)
      CT100 Cistern Type 100 Water Heater
      Capacity: 100 Litres (hot) and 24 Litres (cold)
      Dimensions: 1080mm(h) x 600mm(w) x 320mm(d) Weight: 40kg (164kg full)

      Redring Unvented Water Storage Heater


      The LWSS stainless steel range of water heating cylinders provides effective, fast and safe mains-fed hot water around any property. A high quality vessel employing the best in laser welding technology, the LWSS range features high flow rates, energy efficient insulation and an expansion vessel. A high quality vessel employing the best in laser welding technology, the LWSS range features fast flow rates, energy efficient insulation and an expansion vessel to prevent wasted water.

      Ideal for apartments needing Mira showers or similiar where the hot water pressure will be low


      ·          Duplex stainless steel water heating cylinder – for maximum strength and long life

      ·          Pressure tested to 15 bar

      ·          Provides effective, fast and safe mains-fed hot water

      ·          Two long life incoloy, low noise immersion heaters

      ·          Easy to install with simple step by step installation guide

      ·          Energy efficient rigid polyurethane foam insulation (CFC/HCFC free)

      ·          Relief valve operates at 7 bar / 90-95°C

      ·          3 bar working pressure

      ·          High flow rates of up to 55 litres per minute

      ·          Minimum recommended supply of 1.5 bar with flow rate of 25 litres per minute

      ·          22mm cold feed

      ·          Wipe clean, corrosion resistant, white coated steel case

      ·          25 year cylinder guarantee

      ·          90ltr 750x510mm

      Redring SB Professional Beverage Water Boiler

          • Stainless steel water tank construction with fully insulated jacket to minimise heat loss.
          • Robust corrosion resistant construction.
          • Brushed stainless steel cover wipes clean.
          • Neon 'Power on' light.
          • Water temperature is automatically maintained.
          • Unit is fitted with manual reset safety device to avoid boiling dry.
          • Manual reset thermostat for detecting excessive steam in the event of water solenoid valve failure.
          • Condensation chamber for steam-free operation.
          • Open vent and overflow.
          • Provides for concealed plumbing and electrical connection.
          • Operating pressure range between 2 bar (29psi) and 10bar (140psi).
          • Connects to 13 Amp (220 - 240V) double-pole fused isolating switch
            A wall mounted, self calibrating and self-filling boiling water heater for any working environment. It can be used for tea or coffee and even soups and hot snacks.
          • The 25 litre unit can dispense up to 150 cups of boiling water on demand and a delivery of 250 cups per hour.
          • 20/25 Litre dimensions H630mm x W490mm x D350mm