Our Company

We have been established since 1978, over 30 years now with the same four founding partners. Also a significant web presence for over ten years now. We supply trade contractors, installers, all manner of businesses and of course the general public. Our extensive experience in anything electrical ensures that you will always get a quality product for a sensible price. For any queries on stock availability please telephone 01752 - 560759. We will return all messages left. 


By far the majority of goods stocked are British made and fully certificated to the relevant standards. Where imported goods are sourced for competitive ranges, they will not be stocked unless they carry full British certification and also meet our own demanding requirements, thus ensuring quality goods at competitive prices always. Fitting instructions and advice are offered with all goods supplied. Delivery anywhere in the UK including Ireland.


It has always been our stated aims that we will offer the highest quality electrical goods at very competitive prices which are usually trade or less. Please be cautious on sites that purport to compare prices and offer the cheapest. These sites are usually affiliated to each other or are sponsored advertising etc. They do not obtain their data from a search engine in the same way that you would. They only compare against a minimal amount of suppliers who pay to subscribe to their services. Please also be very wary of companies that make Price Guarantees. Our prices will always be the lowest we can and are reviewed every week.

Technical Advice

We offer unrivalled technical advice with all goods purchased, be they switches & sockets, space heating, water heating, lighting, security and anything electrical. Our success in identifying and satisfying a need is self evident. we are probably one of the largest independent distributorships catering to the U.K. electrical, business, alarm installers, building, leisure trades and DIY'ers. Service has been and always will be a key element in our continuing success. If you do not see what you are looking for, then please ask.


We are also able to source many products and manufactuers branded products not listed on our shopping site. So please feel free to enquire of any products not listed and we will of course be happy to provide free quotations for any product list. If the product needs an electrical supply then we can source it for you at lowest prices.



Monday - Friday  8-30am to 5.00pm.  (Friday 8-30am to 3.30pm) 

Tradesman Electrical Distributors

01752 - 560759


Free Technical Advice on technical@buy-electrical.co.uk